Flash Protest News: Digital rights protesters gate-crash Microsoft Winhec party (Personal Computer World)

Personal Computer World reports "Anti-Digital Rights Management (DRM) protesters from the Free Software Foundation have gate-crashed Microsoft's Winhec developers conference in Seattle.

Wearing bright yellow suits, the Free Software Foundation protesters swarmed around the Winhec convention entrance, telling the delegates that the Microsoft-backed DRM was defective and hazardous to users." Read the story.

Flash Protest News: Anti-DRM demonstrators in hazmat suits storm Bill Gates keynote (boingboing)

Cory Doctorow writes "Protestors from the Free Software Foundation's excellent Defective By Design anti-DRM campaign staged a surprise demonstration yesterday... Defective By Design promises lots more grassroots activism, street theater, and direct action against DRM."

Flash Protest News: Andrew Becherer rocked today!

Andrew Becherer, one of the freedom fighters who attended the Microsoft action today posted a great comment on slashdot:

I am proud to say that I participated in today's FSF event.

I believe the combination of Digital Rights Management technology and the Trusted Computing initiative are the single greatest threat to a free software desktop. I believe the danger is not just that we will be pushed into a desktop ghetto where we will not be allowed to enjoy the newest movies and music.

RMS' Right to Read [] might seem far out for most folks I believe he is point on. DRM will tie media to an user or possibly an user and a specific machine. DRM will allow corporations to gather unprecedented amounts of information about us. If we are not vigilant we are headed into an Orwellian dystopia where all of our digital habits are carefully monitored and controlled.

Flash Protest News: FSF launches anti-DRM campaign outside WinHEC 2006 (NewsForge)

Bruce Byfield writes "Planned as a flash event, today's protest was deliberately kept secret over the last few days. The Electronic Frontier Foundation alerted its members in Seattle, and information was posted yesterday to the Bellingham Linux Users' Group mailing list, but the three dozen supporters who showed up at the corner of Pike and 7th in downtown Seattle at 8 a.m. had little idea exactly what form the protest would take until shortly before they ducked into an alley to change into t

Flash Protest News: Anti-DRM Flashmob in Seattle (Smartmobs)

Howard Rheingold just posted "At 8:30am this morning, wearing neon Hazmat gear, 25 techology activists from FSF & EFF swarmed the 2006 Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in Seattle. Following the lead of the French anti-DRM activists, the new initative, Defective By Design, is signing up activists interested in getting involved in local actions to bring awareness to the crippling effects of DRM on art, literature, music or film, and free software. "

Flash Protest News: DRM Protest in Hazmat Suits (Slashdot)

Slashdot writes "The Free Software Foundation launched a new anti-DRM initiative today with a flash protest at Bill Gates’s keynote speech to Microsoft developers in Seattle. They’re calling the new campaign ‘Defective by Design’ and have named Big Media, device manufacturers and proprietary software companies as targets. CivicActions is participating as a coalition partner in the campaign. Protesters donned HazMat suits, apparently to emphasize the hazard Digital Restrictions Management poses to their rights. There are a

Seattle anti-DRM flashmob

There is no more important cause for electronic freedoms and privacy than the call for action to stop DRM from crippling our digital future. The time is now. Join us.

By joining the DEFECTIVE BY DESIGN community, we commit to each other that together, as our numbers grow, we will use our collective voices to demand that governments, corporations, and politicians take the steps necessary to protect our rights. Today I join this community and I request to be immediately notified of direct actions that I can join in my local community.
Postal Code** (required)
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* A password and instructions will be sent to this e-mail address, so make sure it is accurate.
** We'll SMS you with urgent actions in your area
*** International Codes OK

VIDEO: DRM Elimination Crew Hits Seattle for WinHEC

I've posted a short video clip of this morning's DefectiveByDesign DRM Elimination Crew action at the Microsoft WinHEC2006 in Seattle. About 25 DefectiveByDesign members came out around 7:30 to spread warn WinHEC attendees of the dangers of DRM.

For videos check out the group on YouTube
and for pictures on Flickr


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